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Smart wearable ambulatory blood pressure monitor

  Product characteristics: 

  Double Similar Wave Recognition Multi-Anti-jamming Technology Statistical analysis of a large number of data and mercury measurement results have a good correlation with a unique attitude record, convenient for doctors to master the state of measurement, more accurate analysis of measurement data.
Improving hypertension prevention and control effect
Rational allocation of medical resources
Low cost and high coverage
Effective supervision, performance appraisal and assistant decision making.
Improving doctors" efficiency
Background analysis:
Based on the Windows operating system, easy to operate, easy to use a variety of hypertension parameters analysis, statistical results, provide at least 40 parameters, eight data forms of the first comprehensive support for hypertension prevention and treatment guidelines in China the management software custom report format and content.

  User friendly design: 

  The industry is small (172cm3), light weight (180g), easy to wear and suitable for all kinds of people. Noise is small (<45db), work and rest two. Unique cuff liner design, non-slip, wear more comfortable support voice broadcast, easy to understand the results of the unique arm wearing methods, more elegant appearance, pleasing to the eye.

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