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Intelligent wearable thermometer

Intelligent wearable thermometer
Fast body temperature + body temperature monitoring, high precision (0.05/0.1 C)
Host + disposable accessories
Accessories, data remote view
Self diagnosis and shedding alarm
Band aid design
Historical records, medical advice,...
Heating warning, real-time reminder

Pregnancy management
(1) market for women of childbearing age:
Authentication, 0.05C precision
Continuous monitoring, automatic body temperature trend chart
Measurement of core temperature by skin surface measurement
Ease of use
Measurement in deep sleep instead of waking up measurement
Invisible stickers, no foreign body sensation
(2) infant market:
CFDA authentication
Professional algorithm predicts core temperature
Data is recorded in APP.
Provide medication records.
(3) in hospital market:
Ease of use
Automatic data acquisition, automatic uploading monitor
Disposable, maintenance free, reduce nurse workload
Wireless connection, easy to transfer, no need to re install.

Section efficiency
Electronic thermometer
Disposable probe can be charged.

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